Vermont Barn Wedding Fashion

It comes as no surprise that with the increasing popularity in barn weddings, there has been an equally popular rise in rustic and country fashion for saying “I do”. In the past weddings were only seen as formal affairs requiring black ties and elegant gowns, but luckily traditions have changed and the dress codes have relaxed a bit. Looking your best doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort or your unique style. Plus, along with the rustic, elegance of that barn wedding, has come new and unique fashion trends like cowboy (and girl) boots, floral print bridesmaid dresses, wildflower bouquets, and shorter, lacy gowns in ivory and mocha.

Here are some of our favorite fashion inspirations for your barn wedding fashion:

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It used to be that bridesmaids all had to match – usually in ill-fitting and not very attractive gowns of satin. We love the idea of having each maid choose dresses of similar style and length, but with different floral prints. The dresses above all have a common color palette in common, but each dress highlights a different color and features prints of varying sizes and style.

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This is another example of the mismatched, floral dresses for your bridesmaids. These dresses match a little more closely in style, but still feature different patterns and colors.

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Cowgirl boots don’t have to be your plain Jane brown or black. There are lots of gorgeous boots out there with lacy filigree details and wow worthy colors. We love how the bride in the pic above chose the teal colored boots, while her maids got matching, less flashy versions.

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Don’t forget accessories! We love the look of flowers in bride’s hair and this crown is a stylish and sophisticated version that looks lovely in this softly curled, half up, half down hair style.

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We can’t forget about the guys! It would be a good guess that most men would prefer to spend their wedding day in a comfy pair of Levis and some cowboy boots than a stuffy tux. It the relaxed, dressed down look is more your style and personality then why not? These guys still look handsome in charming with nice, matching jeans, brown vests, and cowboy hats to top it all off.

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These guys dressed it up a little more with matching plaid dress shirts and khakis, but it is still less formal than your traditional suits and satin vests. The yellow boutonnière really pops against the blue and the groom is easy to spot with his red khakis and as the only guy wearing a tie.


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