How To Choose A Vermont Wedding Barn

How To Choose A Vermont Wedding Barn  

Best Questions to Ask at A Barn Wedding Venue Site Tour!


Vermont’s New England rustic country charm is simply unmatched, and our state is home to an enormous amount of wedding barn venues.  Finding the right one can be truthfully overwhelming! There are so many factors to consider while searching for the right one for you!  We have listed below our top criteria for finding the perfect VT wedding barn!


Are the owners / staff friendly and accomodating?  That’s the first sign that lets you preview how your wedding day will go!  If you are getting a bad vibe, look elsewhere!


What are the bathrooms like?  Are they nice?  You want your guests to enjoy themselves and feel comfortable at your wedding.

Are the grounds accessible for elderly people?  Where is handicap parking?  Technically the facility may be handicap accessible, but more than that… is it easy for elderly guests to get around, and is there a good place for them to park?  This is a great consideration if you are inviting any grandparents or elderly relatives.

Is there flexibility with decorations and setup?  What options do you have?  It is crucial to know how your wedding will flow, and what the physical layout will look like.  This is why site visits are so important.

Is there a prep space for your caterer?  Caterers may require a space, or have specific needs.  You need to know what the barn has available, so you can pass that information along to your caterers.

End time restriction?  Town and city ordinances often dictate when your wedding can end. This is essential for planning shuttles, and determining if you need an after party event!

What does your rental fee include, and what extras are there?  What does the facility include, and what extras are there that other barns may not include?  For example, do they include tables and chairs? Or do those need to be rented from a separate vendor?  Those rental costs can add up quickly, and if they are included with your venue, you may be getting a better value!

What is your rain plan?  What is the guest capacity?   Verify the guest capacity, and rain plan.  Make sure the venue can still hold your guests comfortably, even in the event of rain.

Will it be hot?  Historic barns usually do not have air conditioning.  But it is important to ask – what, if anything, is done to keep guests cool and air moving?  It is so important to know what type of fans, or ventilation systems the barns use to keep your guests comfortable!  A good wedding barn should have systems in place to keep the heat from being too excessive!

Other buildings on the property?  What other buildings, rooms, or areas are on the property?  Is there a ceremony site? Is there a place for the bridal party and bride to prep and relax privately?  All are essential to know, so you can plan and visualize your big day!

Is it the right vibe and aesthetic you want?   Does the venue visually and emotionally fit you as a couple?   Does it feel right?  Does it feel FUN?  Make sure to watch videos, or talk to others who have attended weddings at the barn, to get a feel for how fun the day was!

If you are newly engaged, looking for your perfect Vermont Wedding Barn, we wish you good luck, and congratulations!  We hope this article helps guide you on your path to finding the right Vermont wedding barn venue! May the wedding force be with you!  The adventure has only just begun! Cheers!!!!

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