What To Do For Wedding Favors

What to do for Wedding Favors?


Wedding favors have constantly evolved over the years, from the engraved champagne flute of yesteryear, to the beer koozie of today!  As a wedding vendor, I have seen hundreds of favors far and wide. Below I have some advice on how to choose the best wedding favor!


#1 Keep it Personal to You as a Couple

Think of this as sharing a part of you to all our guests who traveled far and wide to see help you celebrate your day.  This is the #1 most important part of choosing your wedding favor. It needs to BE YOU!

But Really, What should it be!!??

Yeah but physically, what should it be?!  Again, see #1 (above).  That is the most important thing.  The second most important thing is that the wedding favor is meaningful, AND useful!  I say there are two definitions of useful. The first is: “Will I use this after today?” The Second is:  Is this insanely YUMMY!?” At one wedding I attended, the couple gave out unique drinking glasses with their date on the glass.   I loved this gift because each time I used it, I thought of all the fun we had at their wedding! Additionally, sweet treats or good food ALWAYS WINS!  Something sweet to eat is a guaranteed hit.  Some examples are maple candies, chocolates, and really anything sweet and delicious!!  Need some other ideas? I will list some examples here and hopefully you will say “BINGO, THAT’S IT!!!”  And if you are able to combine 2 of the examples below, you have hit the nail on the head!



Local Liquor Samples

Maple Syrup


Hot Sauce !

Champagne Small Bottle

Chocolates / Chocolate Bar

A Unique Sweet Treat (i.e. Maple Nuts)



Mason Jar Monogrammed

Monogrammed Mug (With Coffee?)

Monogrammed Bottle Opener or Magnet

Monogrammed / Wood Drink Coaster

Mini Lanterns



How to keep it budget friendly?

Do it yourself…

Some couples have over 150 people at their wedding, and the favors can get expensive very quickly!  Firstly, do it yourself! Spend the time, and not the money! The gifts can be higher quality, and less expensive!  Not only that, but your guests will appreciate the effort and time put in, and it will make the gift more meaningful to them, and to you!!!  FOR EXAMPLE, I spend the good part of a day in the weeks leading up to my wedding making drink coasters. Not just any coasters!!! These were cut from small birch logs, with the beautiful white bark still on them (White for WEDDING!  Get it??!!) I spent the good part of a day cutting them on my chop saw (something easily borrowed or labor borrowed from a relative or friend) and then some more time polyurethaning them, so they would last!! Total cost:::: $15 can of polyurethane!  If you want to get fancy, you can wood burn your wedding date into them. That was just an example! Anything hand-made like that can be friendly on your pocket book!!!! If you save money on doing it yourself, you can perhaps add more to your favors by having more than one item!!  


Consider multiple items….

Perhaps an assortment, or a small basket / bucket with multiple, more inexpensive items for your guests can create a valuable and fun favor that won’t break the bank!!!!

But Really… Come on!  What should I get???  I need this done!!!

Here are some links to Vermont Wedding Favors that we love!!!  Get it done!! Enjoy!!!  These favors are sourced right here in Vermont!  We love McNeil and Reedy – made in VT products with online ordering!!!


Good Luck!

To you engaged couples, we wish you the best of luck with the planning process!  So many details are involved in planning a wedding, we hope this helped with some inspiration for your wedding favors!   Cheers and Congratulations!!!!  The adventure is just beginning!!!!!


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